About ACE Skills Training

ACE : Attitude Changes Everything

ACE is an acronym for Attitude Changes Everything. At the core of FAB’s ACE training programmes is Attitude. In psychology, attitude refers to a set of emotions, beliefs and behaviour toward a particular object, person, thing, or event. One’s attitude is often the result of experience and upbringing, which has a powerful influence on behaviour. While attitude is enduring, attitude can also change.  

Our Approach

We apply a personal approach and engage collaboratively to create a tailored offering that best suits the client’s organisational culture, current context and desired outcomes. Our offerings are not one-size-fits-all. 

Our way of working is underpinned by a growth mindset with open and honest communication throughout the process to ensure accountability and consistency. In addition, our engagements are based on three key principles: theory, practical relevance and real-life application.

While we use a variety of models and frameworks in our work, we believe individual motivation lies at the core of healthy, engaged, high-performing teams. As such, we use assessments as the foundation of our offering, as it gets to the heart of underlying challenges (instead of treating the symptoms).

Our sessions are:

  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Impactful

Our sessions include:

  • Delegate worksheets and e-books and guides
  • Transferable techniques, practices and tools

The Ace Facilitators

Established in 2004, FAB is a consultancy, offering services such as psychometric assessments, leadership coaching, training and development, HR consulting and the Enneagram personality tool. Founded by Chrizelda and Michael Walters, FAB’s philosophy is based on the importance of a healthy body fostering a healthy mind.

Chrizelda has facilitated the ACE Training Programme since 2017. Since then, an exciting community of humans who have learnt how they want to engage with the world has emerged. These individuals have, throughout the process, created their own safety by defining their values and beliefs, and in this way, defining who they are, and what they stand for. They have had an opportunity to practice how to hold themselves and others accountable. The conversations of introspection which they have had with themselves, and with each other, have therefore helped them develop valuable skills which would bring benefit to any organisation they join. They will still, however, be faced with adversity and challenges.

FAB Consulting works with facilitators from other purpose-led organisations that share the same passion for people, learning, and leadership development.

ACE Skills Training - Chrizelda Walters

Chrizelda Walters

Consciousness Coach & Enneagram Practitioner
Industrial Psychologist (PS0091197)

ACE Skills Training - Gaylyn Wingate-Pearse

Gaylyn Wingate-Pearse

Masters in Business & Organisational Psychology
Leadership Coach & Enneagram Practitioner