ACE Skills Training Programmes


Our Flagship – the ACE Resilience programme aims to create awareness, support, and empower delegates to acquire a set of skills that enables them to see the world as it is and to embrace the resistant forces and constraints, seeing them as opportunities and possibilities. 

The notion that “attitude changes everything” underpins the programme, empowering delegates that to “ACE life”, they can and have to choose. It all starts with attitude.

The focus is on the importance of psychosocial support for delegates, more especially the development of their resourcefulness. The impact social issues have on the career trajectory of individuals can easily be underestimated as they face continuous disruption and uncertainty.

With this approach, the ACE resilience programme aims to: show delegates they have a choice; enable them to make a choice; and assist them in cultivating the ability to make sound decisions that will support them in the face of adversity.


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